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Who is Putting on AdieCon?

AdieCon is a conference created and coordinated by alums of Ada Developers Academy. The conference is about what comes after Ada, covering topics such as career growth and finding our place in the industry. Ada Developers Academy supports our mission and offers assistance with tasks such as donation disbursement* and legal contract writing, but alums are running the show and calling the shots.

This idea is not new; many people have had the idea for a conference like AdieCon. But in early 2019, a group of alums and an ally took the time and energy to make it happen. This conference is completely conceived, created and coordinated by alums and allies - folks who believe in the Ada Network and want to see alums flourish in the tech industry.

The AdieCon Coordinating Team has never put on a conference before: we are learning as we go and making decisions based on data from surveys as well as community feedback. We want this day to be a celebration of all our achievements, a way to discuss what’s working and not working in our careers. We also hope this becomes an annual event and where we can witness our network growing over time.

In 2019, our alum community will be over 400 strong, with up to five years developer experience in the industry. At AdieCon we will have speakers talking about how they landed their first and second jobs, how to deal with imposter syndrome, cool tech they have built, open source opportunities and how they negotiate their salaries. Our network has come so far in five years, adding hundreds of diverse, brilliant engineers to the tech industry.

Just think how AdieCon will look in 2029, when we are over a thousand badass engineers, managers, founders and who knows what else, with up to fifteen years of experience in tech. There is endless potential and power in this network and we hope you will join us as a conference attendee or conference coordinator this year or in the future.

To be notified about future news such as call for proposals, sponsorship opportunities and ticket sales, please subscribe to our email list on our home page. We will be sending out a survey in spring 2020 to help us plan for 2021 - your feedback is critical in shaping the direction and scope of AdieCon 2021.

*Initially we explored forming an LLC for AdieCon to handle donations, but this meant our personal taxes would be in scope. We negotiated using TSNE/Ada’s nonprofit status to limit our liability. It also keeps things cleaner: we do not handle money directly so there’s no shady business and all money is meticulously accounted for.

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