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What's in the Swag Bag for 2022?

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

We are being intentional about our swag offerings this year, partnering with local businesses to support our community. Swag will be elective with all offerings stated with your ticket. Swag tickets will be available until January 4th to facilitate shipping times. Tickets without swag will remain on sale until February 24th.

For 2022, we decided cozy socks would be the perfect way to kick it at AdieCon on a chilly February day. We will also feature our AdieCon tee shirt with a 2022 lapel pin so you can represent AdieCon in style.

Swag Tickets are available on a tiered model:

  • $20 for Ada Developers Academy students, interns and graduates currently seeking employment.

  • $25 for individuals paying for their own ticket.

  • $50 for individuals whose company will cover the cost of the ticket.

Don’t miss out if you want swag! Swag tickets will be available until January 15, 2022. Get yours here:

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