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Welcoming Back Getty Images as AdieCon 2022 Platform Sponsor

Once again, Getty Images is sponsoring AdieCon 2022 by providing the event platform and technical assistance to make this year’s gathering possible. We are excited to have them involved with AdieCon for the second year running.

Getty Images is a preeminent global visual content creator and marketplace that helps businesses of all types and sizes connect and compete in an increasingly digital and visual world.. Through its Getty Images, iStock and Unsplash brands, websites and APIs, Getty Images serves over 1 million customers in almost every country in the world and is the first-place people turn to discover, purchase and share powerful visual content from the world’s best photographers and videographers.

The company works with over 450,000 contributors and more than 300 content partners to deliver powerful and comprehensive content. Each year, Getty Images covers more than 160,000 news, sport and entertainment events providing depth and breadth of coverage. The company maintains one of the largest and best privately-owned photographic archives in the world with over 135 million images dating back to the beginning of photography. As photojournalists, videographers, creators, art directors, creative researchers, data scientists and customer service professionals, they’ve made it their mission to help tell stories which will move your brand, your customers, your readers and viewers, and help create lasting connections.

The Getty Images’ Creative Insights Team studies massive amounts of qualitative and quantitative search data and trends in pop culture, entertainment and social media to identify how customers can best engage their audiences. Their unique point of view, expertise, and end-to-end storytelling solutions make them the trusted advisor in today's visual world.

The company also takes inherent biases in AI and machine learning very seriously. They are committed to checking data to identify potential biases from the individual/s developing the tool. It is their mission as a company to be a passionate advocate for the realistic representation of all people and communities through visual content, celebrating diversity and authenticity in every area of life.

As in previous years, Getty Images will be providing the tools to bring us together, but are also assembling a group of dedicated volunteers to host the Zoom channels, introduce speakers and moderate throughout the event.

Big thanks to Getty Images for joining us again this year and thanks to all the volunteers who will help make this event run smoothly.

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