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Welcome Platinum Sponsor Highspot

Huge thank you to Highspot for joining AdieCon 2021 as a platinum sponsor. Read about how they are building strong teams and communities.

Inventing a Diverse Future Together

There’s no denying that corporate progress toward equality has been slow at best. And the events of 2020 have shined a clear spotlight on the persistent problems of equity and representation in tech – problems we must all confront.

The decisions companies make now will have major implications. At Highspot, we are on our own journey to address old problems with new solutions. It’s one of the many reasons why we were proud to first partner with Ada Developers Academy in 2018, and why we’re excited for the great things to come at AdieCon 2021.

While we still have far to go, we believe every day is an opportunity to create positive change. Diversity is in the details – here are three ways companies can begin to commit to values through action, helping to build a diverse future together.

Create a Culture of Belonging

Hiring is only one part of advancing diversity – the importance of retention is often overlooked. Creating an empathetic, inclusive culture where everyone can bring their true selves to work is critical to both attracting and retaining diverse talent.

Building community begins with establishing values that unite all employees. For example, our team developed 11 Guiding Principles – common threads woven throughout our culture that inform how we relate and get work done. From promoting collaboration to encouraging open and real conversations, these principles establish a foundation on which we can nurture a culture of respect, authenticity, and connection.

But foundational values alone are not enough. Companies need to walk the talk, demonstrating their commitment to inclusivity in the real world – whether it’s adding pronouns to email signatures, creating a mentorship program to support professional growth, or participating in moments like Pride and Black History Month. These are just a few of the many actions organizations can take to create a culture of true belonging, where people feel secure, accepted, and supported.

Empower Your People

Different people experience the workplace differently. In order to improve the employee experience, you first have to understand each employees’ unique experience – and one of the best ways to do this is through listening. Through surveys, qualitative interviews, and open discussion meetings, you can gather firsthand feedback on the strengths and areas for improvement across your organization.

Company leadership also has an opportunity to uplift all employees, providing multiple channels for expression and a microphone (sometimes literally) to share ideas. Here are several ways this comes to life at Highspot:

  • Our #ItStartsWithConversation blog series features employee stories related to a given topic

  • Presentations given by employees across role and levels at the weekly all-company meeting

  • Employee Circles, our approach to affinity groups, give employees structure to organize around community groups and issue

  • Corporate support for speaking opportunities, such as the WiT Regatta panels

  • Executive investment in employee-led initiatives for the greater good, like how several Highspot employees created Black Lives Matter T-Shirts for an ACLU fundraiser, while raising awareness for an important cause

True diversity doesn’t stop at the data. It gives every employee a voice.

Take Action Beyond the Workplace

Corporate responsibility extends beyond the workplace and into the broader community. Companies are taking a hard look at what’s being done for DE&I and asking, “Are we showing up for our people, and our community, in the best possible way?” While our team at Highspot has consistently worked with organizations like Ada Developers Academy, Year Up, and the WiT Regatta, we recognized there was much more we need to be doing to advance diversity both inside and outside the workplace.

No matter where your organization currently stands, the journey to improve the approach to DE&I is never-ending. It starts with company-wide acknowledgement from leadership that lays the groundwork for cross-company education and understanding. And from there, it takes commitment to relentless action.

Partner with organizations that support underrepresented communities in gaining access to technology, education, and employment, like the Technology Access Foundation and Rainier Scholars. Give employees the flexibility and freedom to celebrate a diversity of holidays, from Juneteenth to Indigenous People's Day. Encourage them to step away from work and get involved in their communities by dedicating time to activist-led marches, or voting on election day. Match employee donations to important causes.

We believe this important work is always on, never-ending, and absolutely vital for our employees, our company, and our society. Positive change over the long term starts with taking action today, and every day. We hope to see you at AdieCon 2021, where together we can take one more step toward building a diverse future.

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