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Managing Burnout

Updated: Jun 22, 2019

It’s a topic we have all heard about but many don’t openly acknowledge: burnout. Sometimes it feels like a bad week that stretches on for months. Or a sense of dread about facing another day of work. It could also manifest as frequent illness or being tired all of the time. But what makes burnout so tricky is that it is a gradual process and often hard to differentiate from stress.

By the time folks realize they are burned out, it has already done serious damage and a dramatic correction is needed.

So how can we guard against burnout in an industry where more than half of workers surveyed in Silicon Valley reported feeling burned out? How can we as Adies avoid letting burnout cause us to walk away from our hard-earned careers in tech all together?

Once burnout is recognized, one of the most effective steps is to turn to others for support. The main goal of AdieCon is to bring Adies and allies together to celebrate our wins, but we should also reserve time to acknowledge burnout and the impact it has on us within the tech field.

Ada has been in existence for five years. We have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and expertise that has value to this community.

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