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Applying to Speak at AdieCon

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

TL/DR: You should submit to speak at AdieCon, yes YOU!

The AdieCon proposal window is open! Check out our PROPOSALS page for more info.

If you are a graduate, intern or current student of Ada Developers Academy you are welcome to apply. If you are an ally of Ada and diversity in tech you are also welcome to apply. First time speakers are welcome and encouraged. Speaker coaching can be arranged.

AdieCon is about strengthening the Ada network. We want to create a platform for sharing the collective knowledge we have gained since learning to code and entering the tech industry. Stories, advice and real-life strategies that will help other Adies advance their careers, achieve their next goal or find more personal satisfaction in their life are very welcome.

In May 2019, we asked the community what they wanted to hear about at AdieCon. We broke down the data in this blog post. According to you, the most desirable talks would be:

Teaching opportunities:

How did you land your second job in tech?

How did you land a promotion?

How do you deal with burnout?

How do you deal with the pressure of being on-call?

How did you navigate to another (non-development) role in tech?

How do you deal with the tech-bros at work?

How to get taken seriously in engineering meetings

How did you negotiate a higher salary - how did you negotiate a non-monetary perk?

How you started managing people

How you removed your “intern” stigma

How to build a personal brand in tech

How you tweaked your resume to make it work for you

What is one thing you would want to tell yourself before you started Ada?

What’s you 5 year goal - 10 year goal?

What tech have you learned since Ada?

What rad project did you ship?

What was the biggest mistake you made in your tech career?

What is your secret for success?

What strategy do you find makes your 1-1’s with managers most successful?

This was a big one:

All things imposter syndrome

Personal Stories - Inspire Someone:

Applying and speaking at conferences

Attending conferences

Your experiences going to conferences

Contributing to Open Source

Your parental leave story

Intersectionality at work

Gender and your tech career

Why you love your job

Why you love your team

What diversity and inclusion initiatives have you seen that are actually working?

What is your company doing to retain you as a happy employee?

This is not a complete list - but we hope it inspires you. You can do a 20 minute, 10 minute or 5 minute lightening talk. Your story is a valuable part of our network. It you have any questions please reach out to us at:

Here are some example proposals:

5-minute talk: Why I Love Attending Kubecon

10-minute talk: Landing Your Second Job

20-minute talk: Switching Teams For Career Growth

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