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AdieCon2020 was a success in many ways: community building, career growth, and so much more. We rode high on the energy post-con, planning on how to make AdieCon2021 even bigger, better and more inclusive.

A lot has happened in the world since January; Covid-19 has changed how many of us live on a daily basis. Considering the uncertainties, we’ve made the decision to host AdieCon2021 as a remote conference in February. What will this look like?

  • We won’t be bound to a physical space and can host a larger audience

  • The possibility to have more speakers and multiple tracks

  • Targeted break out sessions for specific career stages: job seeking, early career, mid career, senior and management topics

  • Practicing responsible social distancing, but we are thinking up some creative ways to bring everyone together!

We are still researching how to effectively build AdieCon2021 and welcome any and all ideas or input you may have. Send us an email here or reach us on social media.

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