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AdieCon 2022: Teleport Joins as Gold Sponsor

We are pleased to announce that Teleport will be joining AdieCon 2022 as a Gold level sponsor.

Teleport is an open-source tool for providing zero trust access to servers and cloud applications using SSH, Kubernetes and HTTPS. It can eliminate the need for VPNs by providing a single gateway to access computing infrastructure via SSH, Kubernetes clusters, and cloud applications via a built-in proxy.

We are also really into their official manifesto: Today's computing environments have too much complexity, too many network boundaries, and too little trust. Complexity slows engineers down and leads to human errors. Complex systems can’t be secure despite the red tape of bureaucracy. We make trusted computing simple. This gives engineers freedom to move and freedom to build a better future.

We are excited to get to know Teleport better on February 25th. They will have a virtual booth and some engineers hanging out to answer questions about their company, work and culture.

Tickets for AdieCon are available here:

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