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2022 Keynote: Liz Rush C1

Ada's first cohort was in 2013, which means we've had Ada alums working in the tech industry for close to a decade!!! We are delighted to announce our AdieCon 2022 keynote, Liz Rush, who is one of these trail blazing Adies.

Liz Rush is a graduate of Ada's first cohort from 2013. After many years as an IC engineer in Seattle startups, Liz moved into engineering leadership in 2018 as a Director at a nonprofit where she created software to provide direct outreach to victims of sexual exploitation. Liz also served on Ada's Board of Directors from 2019 - 2021.

Liz will be talking about "The Power & Future of the Ada Network". Please join us at AdieCon 2022 to reconnect, expand and be inspired by the incredible folks in the Ada Network. Tickets are on sale here.