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Convince Your Boss

Want to attend AdieCon 2020, but not sure how to bring it up with your boss? Here are some facts and talking points to help you bring it up in your next 1-1. 


  • AdieCon is a one day conference, January 31st 2020 in Seattle, WA

  • Ticket price depends on your alum status and range from free to $140

  • The mission is to strengthen the Ada Developers Academy network

  • The content will focus on technology and career advancement topics from the perspective of diverse engineers

  • If you’re an Ada grad, this is your chance to stay in contact with the growing (340+) diverse engineers working in the tech industry today


We’ve also created this sample email to help you explain why it’s important to attend. Feel free to use the full letter or pieces of it. See you in January!

Sample Email

Dear {Name},


I’d like to attend AdieCon taking place January 31st, 2020 in Seattle, Washington. I’ve researched many conferences, and this is THE conference for gathering diverse voices within tech to share learnings, share success strategies, highlight innovation and discuss the future of an inclusive tech industry.

Ada Developers Academy is a non-profit, tuition-free coding school for women and gender diverse adults. They focus on serving low income people, underrepresented minorities, and members of the LGBTQIA+ community. Ada develops software engineers who are skilled, confident, and work-tested;  graduates are experienced in practical, team-based software development and learning new technology rapidly.


AdieCon is a one day conference created to strengthen the Ada Developers Academy alum network. The event is an opportunity to learn from the networks' collective experience gained since entering the tech industry. The day will be a mixture of talks, panels and conversations about technology, career advancement, and work/life balance. 

As an {Ada Alum / Ally}, this conference will help support me to grow as an engineer. This also benefits the company by:

  • {Supporting their diversity and inclusivity initiatives}

  • {Investing in talent

  • {Inspire our team}

  • {Networking and representing the company}

  • {Shared knowledge to bring back and build solutions}

  • {Your own relevant bullet points for why attending AdieCon makes sense}



Thank you,

{Your Name}